Progressive Landscaping
Case Study
Case Study 1

In this project, the homeowner stated he did not want his pool to be the sole focal point of his yard. We decided on a concept of creating "rooms" within the yard. We divided the yard into the following four sections:

Primary Patio - The intended use of this area is outdoor eating within an intimate garden setting. The homeowner has easy access from the kitchen to the BBQ, as well as a large outdoor table for family meals.

Secondary Patio - This patio is designed with easy access from the "great room". The patio provides the homeowner with a shady area to read or just relax, away from the pool.

Swimming Pool - The pool area consists of a Jacuzzi, outdoor bar, and sunbathing patio. The patio was designed for afternoon sunbathing with the pool at your feet. A garden was built around the Jacuzzi to give the homeowner a more intimate feeling.

Lawn Area - This area provides a "play area" for the children.

Case Study

In addition, the primary patio, secondary patio, and pool area have outdoor speakers which can be turned on and off independently.

This project was started in April and finished by June.

View of Secondary Patio